Hospitalizations in US


Data is updated at around 6:00 pm EST. Some states provide accurate and regular updates related to COVID-19. And, include hospitalization, ICU and ventilator usage. Some states have provided that data in the past or intermittently thus, it may be incomplete. Data provided by The COVID Tracking Project from The Atlantic (

Note on hospitalization data (from The COVID Tracking Project team): Forty-six states, two territories, and the District of Columbia now publicly report data on current COVID-19 hospitalizations. Although we continue to request that Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, and Kansas publish this data, we have returned the national current hospitalization number to our website. The figure we can provide is an undercount, and particularly suffers from the lack of data. We continue to press states to provide more complete data on hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and ventilator use.

Note: We are not affiliated with The COVID Tracking Project Team. But, we use the data via the API (as per the terms) for public awareness and educational purposes.

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