Compare States per 100 k population


Data Source: The COVID Tracking Project ( The data is updated everyday at around 6:00 pm EST.

What does this show?

  1. Shows selected metric (Cases, Deaths, Current Hospitalizations and Tests per 100 k population) on map of the US. Current hospitalization is non additive metric - so, pick only one day using the slider to see the data for that day. Default view shows time range from July 1st to latest date.
  2. The bar chart shows all relevant metrics per 100,000 population by state cohorts.

How to use this?

  1. Select "Reporting Date" slider to select the date range. Reporting date is the date when cases are reported and may be different than date of actual event. For example, a death occurred on July 11th may only have been reported by hospital on July 21st. Since different states have different methodologies - it is nearly impossible to always tie back event date to reporting date.
  2. Pick a "Per 100 k" metric from the radio button.
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